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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sparklewren embellishment masterclass - the aftermath

This week was so productive that I think next week will be a real comedown!
I went to the lovely new Sew Curvy workshop on Friday for the Sparklewren Embellishment class an I have to say it has really given me a new lease of confidence which has left me itching to finish several piece I am working on.
We covered a lot. Working with lace, flossing, beading, feathers, hand binding and rhinestones, and I really hope there is another class in the future I can go to.

We were invited to bring out own work or work on a sampler, and I chose to bring an underbust I am making and use that for working with lace, but I used a sampler for everything else.

What I took....

In progress...

Daring to be a bit wilder than I normally would

layering laces
swarovski detailing

Hopefully you can tell from he above pictures that the day was an opportunity to really go wild with trying new things.

When I tried out flossing I went with some simple patterns but I then chose to experiment with beading them, which I am really happy with the results of:
I like the one on the left the best.

As a review of the day I would say it is worth every penny and more. Not only did I create some beautiful pieces on the day but it gave me the confidence to come home and try this all out with my own laces and with even wilder ideas.

Finally cut out some lace from a 1/4 meter I bought from Berwick street when I used to study  in London.
recreating the flossing I did on Friday
Now I have the confidence to use this design on a real piece
Playing with new ideas

Getting cocky...I tried out a larger "Eiffel Tower" design with a star above t which I sewed a bead onto, and then the obligatory fan flossing I adore.

Something ridiculous in cream and copper I tried but don't like - at least I tried though!  :)

Lastly - I added some absinthe green feathers from a loose feather I had from a set of fans and then added lace and hand beading. I love this - overtly decadent :) I need to be less of a wuss and trim the lace closer to the design though in future.

All of this AND I picked up my Sparklewren corset which is very pretty and I am very much in love with :)

At this point you can still help Sparklewren realize her dream by donating to sponsor her boutique.
I have to say that anyone who can help me produce work like that pictured above in the space of a few hours is  a special kind of person - and one who deserves the chance to share their work with the world.
The work produced by Sparklwren truly is art, and her dedication and passion when it comes to corsetry is really something to admire. I sound like some stupid advert now,no doubt, but the past few weeks I have had zero confidence, and I really haven't wanted to finish anything. Now, I really am in love with my work again and am confident in my ability to produce decent corsets (OK, I'm not the best corset maker in the world ever, but I am also not the worst. By a long shot.)

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